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HEX is a competitive strategy game with endlessly varied items, worlds, and characters to craft and trade. HEX is completely free to play, all items and content can be found just by playing.
Traverse the HEX universe, jumping between worlds to explore, collect an array of powerful items, and participate in a real time, initiative-based combat system with naturally flowing combat mechanics.
Help your faction win against geomancers of opposing elements to make progress. Make it to the center of each galaxy to move to the next competitive tier of play and increase your chances of finding Genesis Relics and other rare items.


HEX is an conflict between the 12 elements of light and darkness. Each galaxy minted is a new competitive season of HEX. Geomancers will search for the 32 Genesis Relics and offer them to the elder dragons Sol, Luna, or the neutral Hexa.
The 32 geomancers that find the Genesis Relics decide who they will make an offering to, a new galaxy is born using these relics as the genesis ID, and generous rewards are granted to each faction based on their number of relic offerings.
As an aspect of either of the elder dragons Sol or Luna, raise and evolve HEX dragons, selecting for generationally passed down traits that compliment your elemental abilities. Breed and train on your homeworld, or discover and tame dragons left by other players.


Runes are the basis for all crafting and spellcasting in HEX. Each individual rune is unique, its symbol corresponding to a specific spell with randomly varied strength, effect area, and other parameters. Combine runes into runebooks to obtain an arsenal of spells tailored to your playstyle.
To craft a runebook, world, dragon egg, or any HEX item, geomancers choose 32 runes from the set of 256, corresponding to a 32 byte Ethereum token ID. There are exactly as many unique items of each type as there are Ethereum IDs, so there are an endless amount of different abilities and items to discover, craft, and trade!