Enjin Early Adopter Program

We are very proud to announce that HEX will participate in Enjin's Early Adopter Program! 


HEX will release with Enjin Coin backed items, worlds, and characters that you can find throughout the galaxy and earn as rewards for competitive play.


HEX items will have real value in Enjin Coin - melt your items down for what they are worth in ENJ or set up shop on a market world and trade your items for what they are backed by or more. You can even trade your ENJ for items in other games that implement Enjin backed items!


ENJ will also be the main currency of HEX, you can spend your ENJ to ascend normal items you find, making them tradeable by minting them as an Enjin backed item. 


HEX is free-to-play! So you will be able to profit from your skill and time put into HEX without ever investing your own money. You will even be able to bring your items to future games in the HEX universe! Happy loot hunting, geomancers! 


Website and Early Alpha launched


We have launched the very first version of the early alpha.


The alpha Homeworld is intended only to showcase what the worlds are like and not what the actual gameplay is like.


HEX is a fast-paced hex-tile-based competitive strategy game that rewards players for their time and skill with items backed by real monetary value. 


For now, chill out on the worlds a bit, watch the elementals carve out patterns on the surface as they follow a random Langston's ant sequence, and maybe discover some enticing mysteries that will soon evolve into rich and rewarding gameplay.


Welcome to, geomancers!


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