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HEX supports dynamic strategic gameplay and content, and gives players the ability to own and trade the items they discover and craft. You may choose to use Enjin Coin to mint powerful items you've acquired and ascend them beyond the game into your ownership. Trade these items freely or melt them for their value in Enjin Coin. Exchange it how you want, or spend that Enjin Coin back in HEX or in another game implementing Enjin backed items. 


HEX is a fast-paced competitive strategy game.  Hone your skills on the HEX world tile grid to defeat your opponents and claim victory over the galaxy.


Each world is uniquely generated with a 32 byte address, which translates to their Ethereum token ID. Geomancers may consume 32 runes to craft the corresponding world. Spend Enjin Coin to ascend your worlds and trade them with other players like any other item.


Become a geomancer and master the elements to conquer a universe of unique worlds, collect an infinite array of powerful items, and craft endless books of spells using elemental runes strewn throughout the cosmos.


Runes are the basis for all item crafting and spellcasting in HEX. 


Each rune is unique, its symbol corresponding to a specific spell with randomly generated strength, extra effects, and other parameters. Combine runes into runebooks for additional effects and an arsenal of spells tailored to your playstyle.

Across the HEX universe lifeforms are constantly evolving. Select for traits that compliment your abilities to drive that evolution and breed ever more powerful companions.


Choose one as your familiar, help them grow into a strong warrior and fight alongside them in combat.

HEX is an elemental conflict where the light and the darkness battle for dominion over the universe. Each galaxy minted is a new competitive season of HEX, geomancers will search for the 32 Genesis Relics and offer them to Sol the god of light, Luna the god of darkness, or Hexa the neutral god.


The 32 geomancers that find the Genesis Relics decide who they will make an offering to, a new galaxy is born using these relics as the genesis ID, and generous rewards are granted to the faction based on their number of relic offerings.